About Us


“We are a church family of real people who are seeking after a real and living God. We are not perfect. We simply love Jesus. There is nothing worse than feeling like a failure, outcast, or being condemned by self-righteous people who think they are perfect based on following the rules. The good news is that Jesus Christ came to destroy the idea that we could somehow earn His love. We cannot earn it and once we experience His grace and mercy, it empowers our lives to be filled with purpose and hope. Repentance was never meant to be a scary word but a life-giving one. We turn from our old lives because a new life in Christ is so much better! Our church is a family of young and old, families and singles, divorced and remarried, widowed and orphans all adopted in to the same body of Christ experiencing His redeeming love. We encourage you to open the door and step inside. Let the presence of God transform you and begin a journey leading you into who you where meant to be.” Nicholas Hanges, Lead Pastor